Fort Myers Beach(ed)

We ended up spending six days in Fort Myers, renting an apartment on Fort Myers Beach. For years, I’ve dreamt of spending time in this location in March — great weather, beautiful seaside, and Red Sox spring training. My net on the experience, though, is that it’s not a repeat, and the area has more challenges than attractions.

Now it’s possible we stayed in the wrong place. Well, let’s upgrade that to “nearly certain.” Fort Myers Beach is a mess. It’s an island right on the gulf (good), but you have to get to it by bridge. The traffic there is horrendous. It would routinely take us 30 minutes or more to drive a few miles to get on/off the island. That got old in a hurry. And Fort Myers Beach wasn’t exactly a charming community, including having a Hooter’s on the main drag :-( .

We did manage to take in the opening game of the Red Sox exhibition season, with Beckett on the mound. It was a close game, and, for the record, the Red Sox won, 2-1. But it was sooooo cold. The scoreboard said it was 62 degrees, but most in the audience felt they were missing a minus sign.

When we packed up and said good-bye to Fort Myers Beach, I was a happy man. Our family has gotten good at finding ways to have a great time, even in less than ideal circumstances. The good news about our stay here is that we didn’t get evicted from where we were staying, the kids had a great time, and it was fun to have done this once. But I don’t think I’ll be crossing that bridge into Fort Myers Beach anytime soon.

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