Day 5: Mississippi Meanderings

Today we started in Vicksburg, site of a crucial Civil War encounter, and then headed south on the Natchez Trace, arriving tonight in Natchez. Not a lot of driving today, which was great, and lots of fun exploring. Mississippi has its appeal. And we got some great videos during the course of the day.

I’ll start with the videos, since they do a good job of capturing some of our fun today. We caught sight of an armadillo on the side of the road, and got a great video of this bizarre creature foraging. The armadillo is truly one of nature’s oddities, although when you travel with a pet pig, you’re hardly in a position to throw stones.

While in Vicksburg, we needed to pick out new sneakers for our kids, who seem to go through a new pair every three months. We thought it might be fun to take our pet pig Rosie into the store and see how the clerk responded to our request to fit her for a new pair of shoes as well. The clerk either believed we were serious, or was an incredibly good sport (or both), but we put together a fun video of Rosie’s trip to the shoe store.

Finally, in Natchez, we came across a restaurant called the Pig Out Inn, and just had to bring Rosie in, and inquired as to what their pig menu looked like. They offered to seat the five of us, but didn’t have much in the way of food for pigs. If Rosie knew the role of pigs in the Pig Out Inn, she would have high-tailed it out of there. We had fun making a video of this trip to the Pig Out Inn.

In Vicksburg, we spent the morning at the Vicksburg National Military Park, site of the long seige that General Ulysses S. Grant waged on the Confederate Army, which was a major triumph for the north and catapulted Grant to head the entire Union forces and, ultimately, become President. We drove through the park, checking out a series of monuments that states had built to honor their dead in the exchange.

We then went to the Courthouse Museum in Vicksburg, which was a so-so destination at best. Overall, I’d say I found Vicksburg a lot less interesting than I hoped. Other than the Military Park, there’s not a lot to be seen, and the town is more run-down than I expected.

We then had a wonderful drive down the Natchez Trace, which is a lovely road running from Nashville to Natchez, although we only took the last forty miles of it. It’s largely deserted, runs through gorgeous southern forest, and was a great way to spend the afternoon. We stopped for an hour or so, and Sterling played with Rosie while Gibson and I played baseball. During an hour, less than a dozen cars passed by. This would make a fabulous location for a bike ride in spring or fall, and is someplace we’d love to return to.

Tomorrow, we’ll check out Natchez, which sits right on the Mississippi River, and should have some interesting older houses.

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  1. Helen Waters Says:

    Rosie appears to be terribly good-natured … at least, when she’s in Sterling’s arms! I would love to hear her breaking the sound barrier but that might be painful to tape. If you get the opportunity though, please consider it.

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