Day 3: Travels With Rosie

WARNING — Today was a bit of a yawner. One of the things that goes with a driving vacation is the occasional uneventful day — a day when you’re mostly getting from point A to point B. Unfortunately, point B (Birmingham, Alabama) is frigid, so we still haven’t shaken the cold.

We slept in late this morning, and spent a leisurely morning with our friends in Atlanta. Our kids had a blast playing with their Bearded Dragon Spike and two dogs. And their kids really love Rosie. A neighbor really wanted to meet Rosie as well, so Elizabeth and Sterling took Rosie on a neighborhood walk.

We decided not to spend much time in Atlanta. It’s a great city with lots to do. But it’s also a city that’s easy to get to from Charlottesville (direct flights daily), and we’ll be back many times in the future. Besides, with Birmingham, Alabama, beckoning, why dawdle in Atlanta seeing things like a great zoo, the nation’s best aquarium, the High Museum, . . . We did go to the Atlanta History Center, and spent time on their Civil War exhibit.

After a quick lunch, we headed west, through pretty uninspiring scenery in western Georgia and eastern Alabama. There are advantages to a slower-paced drive (as Gibson said from the back seat, “It’s so much better to drive, because you see so much.”), but today was a day where the “fast forward button” would have been nice.

At one point during the drive, Elizabeth had Rosie in the front seat on her lap. She then needed to call the architects working on some revisions to our house, and she was juggling a cell phone, architectural drawings, and a pig! Thank goodness she wasn’t driving. And I was relieved that the pig didn’t eat the drawings, something she could easily do.

We ended the night by taking in the new Percy Jackson movie, despite snow here in Alabama! We left the pig in our hotel room, and hoped that the staff doing turn-down service would take the “Do Not Disturb” signs on the doors seriously. The signs seemed to do the trick, and Rosie was still here when we returned, with plenty of loud snorts from the bathroom where she sleeps.

I doubt if we’ll hang for long tomorrow in Sweet Home Alabama, but the prospect of a five hour drive to Vicksburg isn’t appealing. However, the forecast of temperatures above 50 in Vicksburg, together with all the things we want to do there, is pretty motivating. So I’m hoping my next couple of reports are more interesting than this one.

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