Our Last Week

One week from right now, we’ll be approaching our house in Jamestown, Rhode Island.  We were last there on August 21, 2007, when we left for this family adventure.  So many thoughts run through our minds as we approach the end of this fabulous journey.  Yet we’re staying very focused on our last week, as we travel through Europe.

We are focusing our attention during our time in Europe on places related to World War II and the Greatest Generation.  We have visited Winston Churchill’s bunker in London where he directed British troops during World War II, and we visited Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam, where she and her family hid from the Nazis for two years.  Tomorrow, we’ll spend the day at Auschwitz.  Then Paris and Normandy.  So it will be a very powerful last week.

Despite traveling non-stop for about ten months, none of us are tired.  We’re not tired of traveling, the frequent packing and flying have worn well, and we’re going out with a bang.  Even when we get home, rest will be short-lived, since I stay one night in Jamestown, am in Chicago for two nights for Barack Obama’s National Finance Committee, back in Jamestown for two nights, and then to Vienna, Virginia, (we’re in Vienna, Austria, as I write this) for a mini-family reunion. 

Elizabeth and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary tonight.  We were just talking about it, and after this year, we’ve easily had three decades of great shared experience together.  We’ve been together almost 24/7 for ten months in a row, and could easily sign up for another trip like this at some point down the road!

Anyway, back to getting ready for tomorrow’s trip.

2 Responses to “Our Last Week”

  1. Pat Hochleutner Says:

    Hello to all of you, I’ve been thinking of you and remembered you’d be home by the 16th June, you have really had a great time and I was pleased to of met you and worked with you as you passed through Johannesburg. May your travels be many. Lots of warm African greetings to you and best wishes for your Wedding Anniversary. Pat Hochleutner.

  2. The Wolf Family Says:

    Elizabeth, Ted, Gibson and Sterling -
    First off, we really miss you all, and had such a wonderful time with you here in Brussels last weekend. Thank you so much for taking the time to come and visit us! Second, thank you for the nice comments you made on your blog about your time in Brussels – we, too think it is an amazing, beautiful city! And finally, happy 13th wedding anniversary! I remember your wedding day so vividly – and incredibly, it doesn’t seem so long ago. We wish you many more happy, healthy years together.
    May your final week of your whirlwind, worldwide tour de force be memorable and wonderful.
    Much love,
    Sydney, Andreas, Schuyler and Charlie

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