Quickly Through Kenya

Kenya 006 We had a very brief lay-over in Nairobi, spending just a day there.  We were originally scheduled to spend two weeks in Kenya, but lost all confidence in the itinerary that had been planned for us.  So we turned two weeks into twenty-four hours, and will have to return to Kenya at a later date, since I’m sure it’s a fabulous country to visit.

Tanzania III 349We stayed at a great place, the Giraffe Manor House.  The grounds of this magnificent estate include a lovely country home, a wildlife educational center for the children of Nairobi, and about a bunch of giraffe and warthogs!  We got to spend lots of time with Daisy, Frank, Jock, Laura, and other beautiful giraffes, and everyone had lots of fun. 

Kenya 019 Gibson had his first kiss, and we all admired the beauty and grace of his tall, slender girlfriend Laura.  It was a bittersweet departure from Africa, though, for Gibson, who failed to lose a tooth in this continent after running up a five continent “losing” streak!  He has one loose tooth now, and we spend two weeks in Europe, so it’s possible he can add continent #6 to his list, but Africa will have to wait for a later day!

Tanzania III 369 We also visited a couple of museums in Nairobi, and re-grouped from our Tanzania debacle.  I wouldn’t characterize Nairobi as one of my all-time favorite cities, but like any large city, it has its corners of interest.  Anyway, the main thing is that we finished a great visit to Africa safe and sound, had a relaxing stop-over in Kenya, and are now off to London, which is one of my all-time favorite cities!!

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  1. Peter Banhazl Says:

    In the process of forwarding an executive summary for the CRV Quickstart program I found you in Kenya not Boston! Not related to business, I have to tell you that I’ve made a concerted effort to take my kids around the world but on 1-2 week trips and nothing as magnificent as you’re doing.


    peter from Wayland, MA

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