A Million Star Hotel

Wadi Rum 185 We explored the desert of Wadi Rum, camping in a “million star hotel” there.  Million stars?  Well, at night, in the desert of Jordan, you really could see a million stars overhead.  “Wadi” means river valley or gulch, and “Rum” means high or elevated.  It lies in the south of Jordan, covers some 400 sq. miles, and is largely the territory of the Bedouins, the native nomadic tribe of the Middle East.  The movie Lawrence of Arabia was filmed here, and must have won an Academy Award for Cinematography!

Wadi Rum 167 We arrived mid afternoon to Wadi Rum, and roamed all over the place in a four-wheel drive jeep.  The main thing to take in was the geology, since this area isn’t big on wildlife.  But the geology was stunning.  When you think of “desert,” you think of sand.  But Wadi Rum is far more than sand, since the rock structures are so interesting.  They rise straight out of the sand, have surfaces that can be sheer or intricate, and have color that changes with the angle of the sun.

Wadi Rum 175 That night, we camped at a Bedouin campsite.  With the scorpion we found in Dana in mind, we were thrilled ( :-) ) to see that our tent was wide open at the bottom, and our beds were sitting on the ground.  The good news is that there were very few sheets where a scorpion could hide — like one per bed!  And the layer of protective sand thoughtfully coating every sheet surface seemed perfect to ward off stray insects :-)

Wadi Rum 200 While our campsite and food were quite basic, the experience was anything but.  We loved being in this desert, and were able to explore lots of local nooks and crannies.  But the feeling of being out in the wilderness, miles from anything, with the clear, starry sky overhead was fabulous. 

I just love Jordan!  Feel free to check out our pictures of Wadi Rum.

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