The Really Deep South

Falklands 018 Before leaving for our trip, we had lived in Charleston, South Carolina, for four years.  So we felt really prepared for Ushuaia, the world’s southern most city.  It’s in the very bottom of Argentina, with a population of 65,000.  We had a great couple day stay there as we prepared for our departure to Antarctica, combining last-second shopping with some hiking and nature exploration. 

Ushuaia 147Our trip received a bit of a challenge when the box we shipped from the U.S. with all sorts of cold weather  clothes, books, and other key supplies got held hostage in customs in Buenos Aires.  With almost a month of lead time, and lots of effort, we flat out failed to get the box liberated from Argentinian customs, and finally gave up.  That’s one thing we’ve learned about traveling abroad — getting anything through customs in a nightmare.  Fortunately, the shopping in Ushuaia was pretty good, and we were able to replace most everything that didn’t come through.

Ushuaia 187 There’s an Argentinian national park right in Ushuaia, and we spent the better part of a day hiking through it.  We took a great route along the Beagle Channel, and it was gorgeous.  We got some spectacular views (see photo in paragraph above) of the southern Argentina coastline, and some great looks at wildlife.  The highlight, for sure, was the Magellanic Woodpecker.  We actually got great looks at three of them — two males and one female — and they are spectacular.  Anyway, Ushuaia was supposed to be just a stopover point, but we left with fond memories.  Now, it’s on to Antarctica!

I’ll get our photos up from Ushuaia at some point, but our internet connection from the Southern Ocean is pretty limited. 

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  1. Justice Says:

    Yes, Ted, I am aghast that you’re skipping Morocco. I was waiting to hear about Casablanca and Rick’s Place. I was wondering if Bogart would be there with Capt. Renault. The two of them are there in my dreams of the place.

    But, hey, spending more time in Brazil seems like a nice exchange. I’m sure Gibson and Sterling found the wildlife there more appealing than strolling the bazaars in Morocco.

    Anyway, I hope your trip is going well. Give my regards to your kids, and I look forward to continuing stories about your global adventure.

    Justice B.

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