Beautiful Buenos Aires

We had a fabulous time in world-class Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital.  BA is a strikingly-beautiful city, with lots to offer.  We were there for four days, with lots of highlights, and one clear “lowlight.”  Elizabeth came down with something pretty nasty while we were in BA, meaning she got to spend lots of time in our hotel room.  She eventually recovered in time to enjoy some of the sights and fun of this city, but two days on her back, unable to eat anything, won’t go down as a trip highlight. 

Buenos Aires 344 Our clear highlight in Argentina was getting a chance to see long-time friends Barbie Van Buskirk deJesus and her fabulous husband Marcelo.  They now have three really cute children, ages 8, 4, and not quite 3.  We were able to spend Sunday afternoon with them, and then Barbie and her oldest son, Nicholas, spent the day touring the city on Monday.  They’re doing really well, and it was terrific to catch up with them.  Barbie deserves partial credit for Elizabeth and my meeting, since she was a close mutual friend of both of ours while we were in Boston. 

Baseball in BA 599 We started our time in Buenos Aires with another really fun baseball outing.  To our surprise, a senior reporter for covered the get together, and wrote a terrific article about our baseball activities during our travel year.  We actually got to spend a fair amount of time with our hosts here, as well as with the reporter, which was a lot of fun.

Buenos Aires 358 A real highlight of our stay in BA was a visit to the Recoleta Cemetery right downtown.  Evita Peron is buried there, so we took in this mandatory tomb.  But some of the others were remarkable.  It’s an unusual cemetery, built from farmland in 1820, and reserved for BA’s blue blood.   The cemetery has no grassy areas, just sidewalks and elaborate stone graves.   Many were elegant and impeccably maintained, others were in various stages of disrepair.  It was a great place to spend a couple of hours, and learn a lot about Argentina’s history.

Buenos Aires 013 While in BA, we went to a neighborhood called La Boca, which is unique in the world.  Elizabeth was sick all weekend, so we didn’t go on Saturday or Sunday when I’m sure it’s really hopping.  But even on a Monday afternoon, it was fascinating.  Many of the houses are sided by corrugated metal, painted in fanciful colors.  The streets are full of life, including couples dancing Argentina’s famous tango.  Elizabeth and I also tried our skills at the tango while in La Boca.  Elizabeth, as you can see (photo on right), was dressed perfectly for the dance, and I held my own.  She didn’t seem to show any ill effects from the bug she had, and looked terrific in this lovely red dress :-)

Buenos Aires 393 As we spent time with our friends here, it made us realize how much our lives have changed in the past fifteen years, and how quickly our kids are growing up.  Somehow, this photo in a park in Buenos Aires was somehow symbolic of what’s happened to each of us over the past several years.  As our kids go from toddlers to young adults, we’re hoping they resemble sturdy oak trees, able to stand strong against the many strong winds they’ll face in the future.    But for now, on a sunny day in a lovely park in Buenos Aires, it was great to spend time with friends and enjoy life.

BA, like Santiago, is filled with great park areas, which we took full advantage of.  We made a quick visit to a Museum dedicated to Evita Peron (not that exciting), and did a fair amount of walking around the city.  The city has all sorts of interesting neighborhoods, and looks like a great place to live. 

For more on Buenos Aires, check out our photos.

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