Laying Low in Santiago

Santiago 087 We had a relaxing couple of days in Santiago, Chile.  In addition to playing baseball, we explored some of Santiago’s downtown, got a lot of errands done, had lunch with a nice family (dad a chef) with an eleven-month old, and drove up into the mountains on a fun excursion from downtown.  We also took in Santiago’s top museum, the Chilean Museum of Pre-Colombian Art.  We weren’t expecting to like Santiago, but found this city of six million people to be remarkably agreeable, full of lots and lots of well-maintained city parks.

Santiago 078 The downtown area has a lot of nicely-architected buildings.  We didn’t spend a lot of time touring the city’s sights, but did manage to swing by most of the important buildings in Chile’s capital.  We were struck by how clean and livable the city appeared to be.  It helped to be visiting on a weekend, when none of the commuter traffic was an issue. 

Santiago 061 One thing we did in Santiago, though, was to take a fairly relaxed approach to exploring the city.  We’re having a great time on our trip, but the pace in the first four weeks was fairly intense, and we decided to re-structure our itinerary for the rest of our time in South America, reducing our number of destinations and spending more time in each.  So instead of one packed day in Santiago, we had two leisurely days, caught up on errands, did lots of homework, and just hung out as a family, all of which were fabulous.

Santiago 106 Santiago is wedged between the Andes and the Coastal Mountain Ranges.  We wound our way up the Andes side one afternoon.  We knew we were in for some twists and turns when, after a half hour, we asked our driver how close we were to the top?  He then told us we were on curve 9 out of 45!  Ouch!  But we climbed slowly, got some great views, and even got a decent view of  the Andean Condor!!  As we got higher, though, it got colder and started to rain, so it was great to return to the sunshine of Santiago.

For more on an interesting South American city, Santiago, feel free to check out our photos.

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