A Turkey of a Day

IMG_1686 We love Thanksgiving!  But this Thanksgiving won’t be all that memorable for us.  We started the day at Nimaj, which is located just outside of Nowheresville, India.  After a short morning hike, we drove two hours to Jodhpur, flew 90 minutes to Delhi, waited in Delhi for seven hours for next flight, flew five hours to Singapore overnight in remarkably uncomfortably plane seats, laid over in Singapore, and then flew another XX hours to Auckland.  Ouch!  We did manage to get in phone calls from India to our families, and that will be about it for our 2007 Thanksgiving.  When you travel, you’ll have days like this.  At least we met one family in the Delhi Airport who also knew what Thanksgiving even is!

Anyway, during this most unusual past few months, we’ve gotten so many great e-mails from friends and family, and we just want to let everyone know how important your communications have been.  We wish you a great Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Will Hicks Says:

    Dear Dintersmiths:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Laura and I did a similar flight – JFK to Hong Kong to Auckland – which was quite long. Certainly you are giving thanks for not being on an airplane anymore.

    New Zealand is one of our favorite places in the world. If you see a vineyard that needs running, let us know. Laura and I will quickly become vinters and sheep herders. Also, one of the best experiences that Laura and I had was swimming with the dolphins in the K—– Sound. Bizarre as it sounds, you don a 3/4 in. wetsuit, dive into the frigid New Zealand waters, make dolphin sounds and wait patiently for the animals to arrive (which they did for us). Truly unforgetable.

    I read your blogs with great entertainment. Going long Red Sox hats prior to the World Series Championship, traveling with the Dali Lama. The foresight is really astonishing. Just the currency gain you will have reconverting into dollars when you get back to Seattle will buy 20-30% more house. What is the next move?

    I am sure the kids are having an opportunity of a lifetime. What a learning experience.

    See you when you get back.

    Will & Laura

  2. Heiko Kaiser Says:


    I just wnated to touch base and thank you for the great feedback on you website.

    It looks like you had a fantastic time.

    Just amazing to see what you have managed to do and nobody can take away from you.

    It was great to have you as our guests and we do hope to see you again in the future.

    Best regards

    Heiko and Team

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