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Ajarbagh Valley 269 I can’t imagine spending time in a more glorious place than the Aman Bagh Hotel in Ajabgarh Valley.  From the very moment our plane touched down, to the time we sadly departed, we loved every minute of our time in Ajabgarh Valley.  Our time there was outstanding in every respect, and we’d highly recommend it to anyone visiting this part of the world, or willing to make a special trip to such a great place.

Delhi 195 We arrived not long after meeting the Dalai Lama and then flying into the local airstrip with a big crowd waiting to see the plane land.  The enthusiasm and kindness of the people here affected our stay throughout.  It’s hard to describe what it’s like to have children everywhere run to see your jeep pass by, yelling “Tata” or “Hello” with huge smiles on their faces.  The people here are just so lovely, and it makes the stay here so memorable.

Ajarbagh Valley 260 The Aman Bagh wins many architectural awards, and it’s a marvel.  The staff are fantastic in every respect, and the building and grounds are extraordinary.  We had a great time here, and hope to come back as soon as we can.  They were particularly helpful to us in organizing our hikes and explorations, and their guide, Sita Ram, was quite knowledgeable about the area and its wildlife.

Ajarbagh Valley 169 While in Ajabgarh Valley, we explored several abandoned forts, as well as made several hikes in beautiful canyons or around gorgeous lakes.   We had so many great expeditions while we stayed at this great place, yet left feeling we had only scratched the surface.  Between the climate (warm, dry, and crystal clear blue skies), the geology, the hiking, the wildlife, and the people, we could stay for weeks at a time and not be ready to move on.

Ajarbagh Valley 082 While in Ajabgarh, we saw over 70 different species of birds, as well as some interesting mammals, including jackals.  These Collared Scops Owls on the right were a particularly fun sighting, but there were many more.  When we have completed our stay in India, Gibson and I will do a joint blog on the birds of India, and show our better photographs.  But there were so many great birds to see; it was a real highlight of our time here.  Stay tuned for this posting.

Ajarbagh Valley 098 While in Ajabgarh, we all took a whirl around the area on camels.  Even I was abe to ride without discomfort (not usually the case in riding on or in anything!).  Check out special edition videos of the girls and boys in our family getting off the ground on the back of a camel (to be posted once we get better internet access).   I’m now excited about the prospect of riding a camel later in this trip, since it’s not a bad way to get around, although camels don’t seem to be particularly fleet a hoof.

Ajarbagh Valley 018 When it came time to pack our bags and head out from Ajabgarh, we all felt considerable sadness.  This, though, is one place we definitely want to return to.  It’s hard for me to articulate the feeling we had in this region of India, but it made a big impression on us.   It was just scene after scene, and experience after experience, that made this such a joyous place, and so hard to walk away from. 

Ajarbagh Valley 355

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For some of the very best photos we’ve taken on the trip so far, feel free to check out of Ajabgarh photo album.

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