Baseball in Delhi

Delhi Baseball 011 We flew from Bhutan to Delhi on Sunday afternoon, and went immediately to a baseball field there to play with a great set of kids from Delhi. The session had been organized by our friend Kristie Jochmann in Milwaukee, who somehow found Joel Ehrendreich, a senior official with the U.S. State Department. Joel, his wife Rachel and their two great sons live in Delhi, and are very active with Delhi baseball. They were incredibly nice, setting up the practice, meeting us at the airport, helping us get to the field, filling us in on Delhi and India, and making sure this day was special for all of our family.

Delhi Baseball 008 There were about thirty players at the practice, and a set of dedicated and skilled coaches. Most of the players were 14 years old, and were quite good at baseball. Gibson warmed up with one of their top pitchers and, afterwards, said to me, “Daddy, he throws HARD!!” Little did he know that he was soon to bat against this very talented pitcher!

Delhi Baseball 054 After warming up, the boys played a four inning intrasquad game, which featured strong pitching, smart field play, and some good hits (many with swings that looked an awful lot like a cricket swing :-) ). Then, they players did about forty-five minutes of infield drills, with a coach who hit more ground balls per minute than I’ve ever seen (except, maybe, for Coach Howell in Charleston!). It was a great practice, and Gibson was thrilled to be able to play with strong players.

Delhi Baseball 030 We brought each player a Red Sox hat, and it was terrific to give them to the players after explaining that the Boston Red Sox are the World Champions! They looked great in the hats, and should put them to terrific use. We weren’t able, though, to persuade the Ehrendreich brothers to swap out their favorite hats (Brewers for Cooper, and Orioles for Cal, as in Cal Ripken), but we’re working onDelhi Baseball 084 getting them to Rhode Island next summer and taking in a Red Sox game!

Delhi Baseball 038

Delhi Baseball 087 At the end of the practice, the team gave each of us a terrific present — a red travel bag with “Delhi” on it. We put it to immediate use, and it will not only be useful, but will be a fabulous memory of our time in Delhi. We really appreciated this groups kindness in letting us play ball with them, and giving us such a great experience!

Delhi Baseball 071 These kids seemed really fired up about baseball, and practice at length on Saturdays and Sundays. They now are getting the Little League organization established in Delphi, and the Ehrendreich’s are doing tons to help the Delhi baseball program move ahead. The interest in sports in India is quite high, with lots of athletic talent, so it will be great to see a Delhi team in Williamsport someday!

Delhi Baseball 035

Delhi Baseball 039

Feel free to check out our photos from this fun baseball session!

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  1. vito DiLullo Says:

    I have recently run across this posting and would be most grateful to you to pass along to Joel Ehrendreich a very large hello greeting from me. we were in the Peace Corps together in 1985, in Niger, west africa. He is an old friend that i woul love to get back into contact with. Thank you very much in adcance.

  2. anoop kumar Says:

    Hi Sir
    i m anoop kumar friend of joel great to see ur artical u enjoy here its our pleasure at that time i m busy with some championship in goa therefore at that time i m not available so please make another trip to visit india now a days with help of joel and ur equipment no of student increase upto 200 so please make a programe to visit india again we r vary greatfull to u if u make ur programe rest is fine with warm regard anoop kumar from Delhi ( India )

  3. dave nava Says:

    Generally Ido not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

  4. Ravi Raj Says:

    Gr8! to see the article on Baseball in Delhi………now I’m really feeling proud to see my Delhi on road to success. Really people there involved in Delhi baseball are really doing a great job to make it popular among mass. I’m too great lover of the game represented Delhi State in National Championships a long time back but now a day very much busy in earning bread n butter for the family so not being able to give much time to the game. By profession I’m Physical Education Teacher n doing my best to prepare school team………lets see what comes out of my effort. Please keep on visiting India (Delhi) n writing more articles.

    Bye n take care….

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