The Food of Australia — Another Highlight


We have gotten several inquiries (and keep those questions coming!!) about what the food is like in Australia.  I’ll give a brief report here, but you might also want to check out what others in our family thought about Australian food:

With only occasional exceptions, food in Australia is more similar to food in America than different.  Breakfasts include cereal, fruit, eggs, a form of bacon (more like a fried slab of ham, than a bacon strip), and toast.  The only real wrinkle is the ubiquitous Vegemite, a nasty spread for toast that all of us judged as inedible.

Daintree and Great Barrier Reef 138For lunch and dinner, the options were generally meat of some type (often steak or lamb) or fish (with the barramundi being our favorite).  Pasta or Asian preparation is also frequently offered.  Occasionally, some wrinkles would crop up, like Crocodile Fettuccini (left) or grilled Wallaby (not a favorite).  And if you’re wondering, crocodile does indeed “taste like chicken.”

We generally don’t eat deserts, but Australian deserts also seemed quite similar to American deserts.  Lots of cakes, ice cream, and fruit. 

Daintree and Great Barrier Reef 137 Maybe we were just fortunate, but the food in Australia that we encountered was fabulous.  There is a big Asian presence here, so we often had stir-fry meals, which were almost always spectacular.  The Aussies grow so much cattle that the beef was terrific.  And some of the fish meals I had were among the best I’ve ever eaten.  So while I didn’t expect the food in Australia to be a highlight of our visit to the country, it was! 

As a final note, a big fringe benefit of food in Australia is that we could easily understand what a menu said, and what we were ordering!  That won’t be the case for most of the rest of our trip, and — believe me — we’re not taking it for granted!!

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