Baseball in Adelaide!

Adelaide Baseball 006 Baseball is a terrific sport, and we knew that we’d miss it being out of the U.S. for ten months. So we came up with the idea of trying to find teams in locations we visit and set up practices where we could play, meet people in the country, trade stories, bring something for the kids from the U.S., and see how we can help their program. We’ve gotten help on this initiative from the Boston Red Sox and Major League Baseball. And a long-time friend of ours, Kristie Jochmann, has been driving the program from Milwaukee (!!) and working wonders.

Adelaide Baseball 009 So our first global baseball experience was in Adelaide, where we visited with the Woodville Senators. Kevin Stephenson was our point of contact, and was kind enough to set up a great get together. Some fifteen kids were there, ages 8 through 14, and both boy and girl players. And they were extremely skilled at the game. Their outstanding coach, Lawrie Moore (above), ran a great practice, and put the kids through their paces.

Adelaide Baseball 021

It was great for Gibson, because he got to play some high-level baseball with some great kids, and get to know kids from another country (who were exceptionally nice to him!). And a dozen parents were there, who were soooo nice and hospitable. I got a chance to talk to them, learn lots about Australian sports, schools, and baseball in particular. (I was amazed to learn that languages taught in schools in Adelaide include Indonesian and Italian, for instance).

As you probably gathered, we brought Red Sox baseball hats for all of the kids there. At the start of the practice, they gave us Woodville Senators hats, which are terrific! I grew up in the Washington, DC, area and was a loyal Washington Senators fan, so I’m particularly enthused about a Senators’ hat.

Adelaide Baseball 031 Afterward, we feasted on a great meal that was prepared, after careful consideration for what Americans like to eat, and traded more stories. They gave us shirts, Woodville Senators’ balls, two great bottles of wine, and a fabulous DVD about their team’s past. I have to say, the baseball and hospitality these great people were kind enough to share with us made it abundantly clear to us how incredibly nice and talented the Aussies are!!!

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5 Responses to “Baseball in Adelaide!”

  1. craig robinson Says:

    Hey Guys we see you are are having a blast here in oz we were very greatfull for the boston hats and enjoyed your company on the monday night at the Baseball club the Dvd We gave you is a update on last season and hopefully we can keep adding to it as the season progresses any i best be getting the pics of gibson to you hey
    regards craig

  2. Karen Robinson Says:

    Well we were very grateful in your visit to the club. Our children were very keen to hear the difference in nations, and to the lovely hats as well as my hubby he loves American baseball memorabellia! big kid still, oh well keep safe and well, and keep up that home schooling with your wide use of the world. Until our paths cross again?
    Kind regards Karen Robinson

  3. Troy & Nathan Says:

    Hello Ted and Gibson,
    We would like to say hello on behalf of the kids who were at the Woodville training session.
    Thankyou for the hats. We wear them a lot (even though Troy is a mad Yankees fan).
    Thanks for training with us. We will let you know how our season goes.
    Have a good time on the rest of your trip.
    Troy and Nat.

  4. Jeff Bussgang Says:

    Dintersmith family – what great pictures and stories! I love the baseball theme – how can you possibly have enough room for all the Red Sox hats and shirts you must be carrying?! I will be at the first playoff game on Wednesday and know you will be rooting hard from there. Have a great rest of trip! Really love the blog – keep it up!

    Jeff & Lynda Bussgang

  5. AJ Says:

    Hey guys, great work and nice baseball pics. what was it like communicating with those lovely baseball fans out there ? anyways i’m sure it was fun. keep up the good work and hopefully we will read more upon your trip to Africa where the safari’s and parks are awesome especially with some new baseball fans.


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