The Departure: August 21st, 2007

We’ve spent much of our summer preparing for this trip. Today, the trip started! I got up quite early (5:15 a.m.) and went up to Boston for an early Board meeting (Netezza, which has an outstanding management team and just went public), while Elizabeth got up shortly after I did to take on all the loose ends that needed to be tied together.


The day started auspiciously with an incredible Jamestown sunrise. At the left is the view of daybreak with the Newport Bridge in the background. We’ve been lucky to have some spectacular sights right in our own yard this summer. So now we’re off to see all sorts of other wonders of nature throughout the world!


It’s hard to imagine that we could spend the better part of two months getting prepared to put our entire family life into eight suitcases. Yep, just eight suitcases — shown on the right just shortly before our departure. Determining what to take, what to leave, and how to organize it was far more challenging than we anticipated. Anyway, there it is — ten months for a family of four, including school work, all in eight suitcases. Well, this should make for an interesting year!

The good news is that we are relatively mobile, which was our goal. We can all wheel our luggage through an airport comfortably. When you’re going to go down those endless custom’s corridors as many times as we will during this coming year, mobility is important. IMG_1663

So we’re off to LA, getting in late tonight. Tomorrow, it’s Disneyland. Whenever, I hear the word “Disneyland,” I invariably think of Sterling. At age two, with no exposure (and I mean zero) to Disney-related stuff, she suddenly said regularly, “I want to go to Dizzz-a-knee-land.” Over and over. So tomorrow, she’ll go to “Dizzz-a-knee-land”!! And so will the rest of us!! Then off on a 10:30 p.m. Qantas flight to Sydney, leaving Wednesday night and arriving Friday morning!

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  1. gillian Says:

    HI all,

    I am smiling reading your blog and so excited for you all! What an adventure this will be!! I don’t need any response, just wanted to let you know that I am delighted that you are undertaking this magnificent adventure. THere is a lot to be said for travelling exhausted, so Disney was a great start. I am sure Tony will keep you up to date on the Charleston happenings (The Post and Courrier says there is no global warming so you will be pleased to learn that bit of news!). I wanted to find Olivia’s emails from when she visited the pandas in China, but I can’t find them anywhere. I was planning to email them to Gibson. Anyway, you will have had many great experiences by the itme you get there. Are you going to see the penguins in Australia? We widh you happy and safe travels and lots of fun!! G and T.

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